As a volunteer with the Vancouver Thunderbirds Minor Hockey Association, I have had the opportunity to be involved with our community hockey program in many different capacities, including as a coach and team manager. Our Rep Pee Wee team utilized Christine Rochard for a dryland training program for the duration of an entire season. Christine was exceptional with the kids. She offered great variety in her program to keep the kids focused, managed 17 eleven and twelve year olds wonderfully and our parent group was very pleased with her as well. The general conditioning and preparedness of our kids was obvious and the conditioning program Christine implemented had a very positive impact on their skills improvement. I would recommend Christine for any training program.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions.

Best Regards,
Jeff Hamilton

Juan Rostorowski

41years of age
I have been a golf professional for 9 years. I went through some hardships and gained a lot of weight, and in this challenging time I started training with Christine. In 2 years I lost 90lbs and regained my confidence. Christine played a huge role in helping take back the control in my life. Also as a result of ourtraining, my golf game has also improved adding 20 yards to my drive.


Robyn Campbell

I have been training with Christine for about 4 years. Since 2010 the fitness goals have changed, but never the dedication. When I started training with Christine, I wanted to be stronger and build some muscle mass. She designed a program to increase my strength. I then decided to start running, so Christine modified our training to work on my endurance. Unfortunately, my running was plagued by injury and I quickly found myself in rehab to rebuild my legs. Christine was able to, once again, modify our training program and discussed her ideas with my physiotherapist. She has made every training session fun and looking back, I am very pleased with what we have accomplished. About a year ago I noticed a pair of boxing gloves on the gym floor. I got an idea and asked Christine if she thought I would ever be able to box. She smiled and said “of course.” Without hesitation, she started working on a training program that incorporated boxing. Christine’s dedication to her clients is fantastic and I look forward to training with her for many more years.
Robyn Campbell

Marty Coulson

When I started training with Christine at the age of 59 I was not in very good physical condition and I was very uncomfortable working out at the gym. My sessions with Christine, combined with a healthier diet, have greatly improved my physical health and helped me lose 40 pounds and I have also become more confident and comfortable in a gym setting. Thanks Christine for all of your help and guidance.